Grape variety: 90% MOURVEDRE - 10% GRENACHE

Terroir: The soil is made up of clay, limestone and white chalk from the TRIAS geological period. It is the Triassic soil that is responsible for the finesse of the tannins and the minerality of the wine. Surface: 20ha of terraced slopes, a selection of our 12 best plots: Bel Air, Jourdan, Pointes Blanches...planted up to 900 feet/250 metres above sea level. The vines are on average 30 years old.

Winemaking: As the vine, the vatting requested lots of patience. Tannin extract slowly after long days of maceration and punching. Fermentation is followed by a very long Maceration (about 3 weeks) before running off. Breeding in casks of oak for 20 months. Casks park will soon be renewed at 100%. A diversification in choice of Suppliers and barrels of differents ages to best adapt the breeding of each of our terroirs.

Tasting: The 2016 Red is balanced and powerful with exemplary density. On the nose, black fruit and sweet spices are already very seducing but one should wait until 2019/2020 to really experience the long-lasting and suave flavours.

Vintage: The horrific weather conditions that affected so many of our brothers in various regions fortunately did not reach us here. The 2016 vintage was healthy, hot and balanced but severely lacking in precipitation. The drought however, had no impact on the quality of the wine; 2016 produced small-sized grapes high in quality and with great potential. However, this dry weather did have an impact on the yield: these small berries produce less juice and we therefore experienced a 20% drop.

Yield: Handpicked grapes with a small team of pickers. This allows us to stretch out picking dates, to maximize the opportunity of harvesting each variety at its best moment of maturity. Strict selection in the vineyard and picking out of individual grapes bunches, if necessary. 30 hectoliters per hectare.

Bandol Appellation - Provence

Red wine - 750ml

MAGNUM Château de Pibarnon, Bandol 2019

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