- Grape variety: 100% Pinot Noir 

- Geographical Location: This wine has a large wine-procuring village in the Côte de Nuits and has one of the greatest areas covered by vines in the whole for the Côte d'Or. The soil is chalky, with a good covering of clayey marl which gives the wines their strength and roundness. 

- Tasting notes: This wine is deep-coloured and possess intense aromatic bouquet reminiscent of blackcurrants and the ber-ries of other little red and black fruits, the animal smells of musk and fur, and often liquorice when the wine has matured. These are powerful wines, mingling a great smoothness and a high level of acidity with the tan-nins. On the whole, they are quite straightforward wines . 

- Temperature serving: Serve at 15°C-16°C 

- Keeping qualities: From 5 to 15 years 

- Serving Suggestion: This is a wine for meat-eaters. It goes superbly with rib steak, lamb braised or in brown sauce, and all musky, solidly fi-brous meats. Moreover, it’s at ease with all strong cow-milk cheeses,in particular Epoisses, Ami du Chambertin or Cîteaux. 

Gevrey-Chambertin AOC - Burgundy

Red wine -750ml

Jean-Philippe Marchand, Gevrey-Chambertin, Vielles Vignes 2018

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