Situated in Sainte-Cécile-Les-Vignes, Domaine Rouge-Bleu takes inspiration from biodynamic principles on all of its 8.5ha, of which half rest in the Côtes du Rhône Villages Sainte Cécile appellation. This white is a blend of 13 local grape varietals. It features an aromatic notes of apricot with tropical hints. Crisp acidity with stone fruit flavors fill the mid palate, followed by a soft, well balanced finish. A wonderful aperitif, this white wine is delicious either with food or on its own. Enjoy with asparagus, monkfish, shellfish in saffron cream sauce, goat’s cheese salads or chicken dishes.

Grapes: Field blend of Vermentino, Marsanne, Clairette Blanc, Roussanne, Viognier, Clairette rose, Bourboulenc, Grenache Blanc, Gros Manseng, Chenin Blanc, Muscat Petits Grains, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc

White Wine 750ml

Domaine Rouge-Bleu, Dentelle Blanc IGP Rhône 2020

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