Grapes: 100% Savagnin

About the wine: Aged for 6 years and 3 months in barrel under a veil of yeast called “flor”. It’s very difficult to express the power and grace of the Bourdy’s Vin Jaunes in words. These are some of the most age-worthy wines on earth and demand attention at the table. Bright and nutty with incredible freshness and acidity, these are big wines that should be drunk at the table.


About the vineyards: Vineyards are a mix of vines 60-80 years in age and any new plantings are from cuttings of their own vines. They use very small tractors in their vineyard to ensure soil structure. The Jura is wet and they usually see around 1300ml of rain each year so the cover crops and grass between the vines grow very quickly. Dynamized cow manure from their neighbor’s cows is the only form of fertilizer they use. To control disease they use a mixture of whey and flower teas.


About the producer: Caves Jean Bourdy is one of the oldest domaines in the Jura. Created in the late 1400’s, the Domaine is now run by brothers Jean-Phillipe and Jean-François, the 15th generation of winemakers at this estate. The Bourdys grow their vines on 10 hectares of land, including a half hectare in Chateau Chalon AOC. Caves Jean Bourdy makes wine the old fashioned way, using old barrels—some as much as 80 years old—for fermentation and aging of the wines. The Domaine is known for its extensive library of old wines, with reds dating back to 1926 and whites dating back to 1911 (1865 for Chateau Chalon). The Domaine was certified biodynamic in 2006, and the combination of some of the best terroir in the Jura and careful and patient winemaking results in wines that thoroughly express the land on which it is grown. Caves Jean Bourdy produces a full range of wines of the Jura—from red blends of Poulsard, Pinot Noir and Trousseau, whites made of Chardonnay or Savagnin, and of course the very special Chateau Chalon, which is aged for more than 6 years as a film of flor (yeast) protects the wine, imbuing it with one of the most complex noses that can be found in the wine world.


White Wine 620ml

Domaine Jean Bourdy, Vin Jaune 2011

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