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Domaine Nicolas Brunet, Vouvray

"The vineyards cover 39 acres on the hillsides of Vouvray. Nicolas Brunet is the 9th generation of winegrowers to farm this land in a very traditional way. He respects the vines and the environment, and harvests only by hand. He grows one varietal only: the White Pineau of the Loire Valley, otherwise known as Chenin Blanc. He makes sparkling and still wines, from dry to medium-dry, to mellow, and to sweet. And most importantly, Nicolas lets nature dictate the style of wine he makes from year to year. He never chaptalizes his wines (adding sugar to the wine). Depending on what nature tells him, one year his Vouvray might be sweet, and the following year, dry. The style is always the best expression of that particular vintage."

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Domaine Franck Millet, Sancerre

"The vineyards of Franck and Betty are located in the village of Bué, the heart of the Sancerre appellation. Together, they farm 57 acres of land acquired from family in 1991. Their white wine are 100% Sauvignon Blanc. Their red and rosé wines are 100% Pinot Noir. Sancerre terroiris rich in rocky soil, chalk, and is made up of rolling hills and valleys. Sancerre is nicknamed the Kingdom of Sauvignon Blanc, and the Earth of Pinot Noir."

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Domaine Matignon, Anjou

"The Loire Valley is the cradle of the Loire River, the longest river in France. It is famous for its natural beauty, its magnificent castles and its picturesque towns, it is rich in history and culture. The Loire Valley vineyards are divided into five distinct regions, each with its own wines, grape varieties and characteristics. One of these vineyards is called Anjou.


Located in the heart of the Anjou vineyard, the Domaine Matignon is located in the town of Martigné-Briand, one of the most important in Anjou in terms of wine-growing activity, which has established its reputation thanks to the diversity of its terroirs. The passion for the vine has been driving their family for 3 generations. Today, they carry on family traditions with dynamism and passion."


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