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Domaine Voirin-Jumel 

"The Voirin-Jumel is fresh, elegant, and has delicate bubbles. 

Alice Voirin, and her brother Patrick Voirin farm 29 acres located mostly in a region called The Côte des Blancs. Chardonnay, the noble grape of Champagne, is grown here, and comprises 100% of their Blanc de Blanc Brut, and their Brut Zero. The low dosage (0 grams/liter to 4 grams/liter of sugar added) helps to highlight the fruit while preserving the floral aromas and minerality of the wine. Voirin-Jumel is an RM--Récoltant-Manipulant--producer, meaning, they produce Grower Champagne, which by law requires them to grow, produce, and bottle all of their wine in-house."

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