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For over 10 years, we have developed relationships with winemakers throughout France. We specialize in direct import of wines from small family-owned and artisanal wineries, known in France as "Vignerons Independants."

This simply means Independent winemakers, and is a recognized classification in France. Every single wine we import comes from a winery that works in sustainable agriculture. Many of them are certified Organic or Biodynamic producers.


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We supply restaurants and wine bars throughout the state of Texas. Although our distribution network tends to concentrate in the Houston metropolitan area, we also supply wines to Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. Look for our beautiful wines in your favorite restaurant. If you don't find us in your favorite hang-out, make sure to drop our name!


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You can find all the wines we import at our small retail shop. Our goal is simple: We carry the finest French wines in the Houston area. Our selection is small, however every estate and every single bottle of wine we carry, has been hand-picked. And since we direct import, the value you get with us is incomparable to any other retailer. Best of all, you can taste our wines every Saturday from noon to 6pm during our complimentary wine tasting.

French Country Wines was started in 2007 by previous owners Phyllis Adatto and Tim Smith. Adatto and Smith, who have travelled extensively throughout France, were frustrated when they couldn't find the French wines they wanted back home in Houston. So one day, Smith decided to start a small import company. From the start his number one goal has always been to offer French wines from small family-owned farms who practice sustainable agricultural methods, and use no pesticides, at the best value possible. Jean-Philippe Guy, who bought French Country Wines in 2018, has continued that tradition. He started working for Phyllis and Tim back in 2013, and is grateful for their contribution. They brought a passion for wine, and the ethics of supporting sustainable agriculture to French Country Wines, that is very much part of who we are today. Thank you Phyllis and Tim!

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